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Demons held their liquor better than any native fur.Ropes smirked, the tip of his tail flicking back and forth, stalking imaginary prey as his home with the white fence loomed in the darkness.The cougar's eyes were the colour of the moon and four green tendrils waved gently, sprouting from his back.

Over the weekend, he had completed a deal of work around the property - with particular attention on the fences, which were in serious need of TLC - and had taken the liberty of an evening's drinking at the village pub to soothe his aches and strains. Grinning foolishly, the cougar stumbled over a rock that may or may not have been there and laughed aloud, voice echoing in the emptiness.He would not tip her over until he had his fill, the self-serving demon that he was.Tail thrashing, the cougar hammered into Helena, giving no thought for her comfort as he slammed as deep as was possible, foreskin slipping back every time he thrust in and teasing a breath, half-moan from his lips. Alas, the threat of exposure shortened their frenzied, hasty coupling.She looked up coyly, blonde fringe falling into her eyes. The needy dragoness must have been fingering herself for hours in the barn. Grinding the head through the soaked mess drooling from the dragoness' cunt, the cougar growled, the sound low enough to be passed off as a nearby vehicle purring through the night. " Ropes' paw snapped around her muzzle, wrapped around to hold her jaws shut. The cougar dragged her muzzle to his, hips flush to her arse as he stared her down, gaze intense in the pure white.She wore her loose night shirt, the outlines of four breasts visible through the fabric, with strips cut out of the back for her yellow-membrane wings. " Ropes asked, teeth bared in a feral snarl; the question was superfluous. Ropes traced his lips with the tip of his tongue at the thought, cock straining within his too confining clothing: soon. " She gasped, hips betraying her words with their movement, rocking back to the cougar's insistent paw. We have to go inside." Ropes unzipped his jeans, the only noise in the quiet besides their hot, panting breath, heartbeats racing, blood pounding in their ears. He pushed forward, curling all four tendrils around Helena as he thrust into her warm, tight passage, eyes half-closed in restrained pleasure. " "Quiet." The dragoness' head whipped around, hair falling messily about her muzzle and eyes narrowed. "Then I'll make you be quiet," he snarled, voice barely above a whisper.

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His daughter, a red dragoness with a yellow underbelly leaned upon the fence, bent almost double with her tail swinging like a lazy pendulum.

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