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The biggest employer here is Walmart; the second biggest is a prison located at the edge of an empty field.

Los Lunas is also home to a curious artifact of mysterious origin: an 80-ton stone bearing a written code that is eight and a half lines long.

They are chiseled in long, precise lines and seem to be grouped together in clusters resembling words.

Every so often, a dot approximating a period appears after one of the clusters.

Twenty miles south of Albuquerque in the Rio Grande Valley lies the town of Los Lunas, home to roughly 14,000 souls who tend to be religious but vote Democratic, and listen to country music but not Rush Limbaugh.

Main Street coincides with Route 6, along which one passes the middle school, the Los Lunas Public Library, and the fire department.

“They are committed to Biblical Inerrancy, which is dangerous, because it means that if one thing is found to be incorrect in the Bible, the whole thing becomes worthless.” I ask him if he is a religious man, and he says, “I am a Catholic, but I am a scientist by training. ‘Myth’ is a loaded term, but I believe the Bible has stories meant to suggest the relationship between God and men, to guide us morally and ethically.

When I ask her who she thinks wrote the inscription, she smiles and says, “It’s a mystery.” She tells me that former mayor Louis Huning’s father, Jack Huning, remembers the stone as a child. And he says that he was shown it by an Indian sheep herder, who had seen it when was a kid, so that’s back to the 1880s.” She shrugs and smiles, and says again, “It’s a good mystery.” Shetter seems proud of the stone for keeping its secrets.

The gate that leads to the Indian Reservation land is located square in the middle of the desert, 16 miles west of Los Lunas. The ground is yellow, covered in a thick brush of thistles and sage bushes. ” Shetter points to another mountain, lower than Hidden Mountain and to the east of where we are standing. He is of the opinion that the inscription was a hoax perpetrated sometime in the 1930s.

To the east and west, red mountains erupt from the landscape in clusters. I ask him if he thinks that Jack Huning was lying or mistaken when he said it had been seen as early as the 1880s. “The groups who advocate for the ancient solution are mostly the ‘Young Earthers,’ ” Taylor says, referring to those who believe they can prove scientifically that the earth is only as old as the Bible claims.

In her fifties, Shetter is still an attractive woman with long blonde hair and a twinkle in her blue eyes.

She knows everyone and everything about Los Lunas and may well be the town’s next mayor.

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