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As someone who is well known for being a colossal wrestling nerd, I’ve dated women who hated wrestling and who loved it, and it’s honestly never made much of a difference. Sheamus without having the person I’m sleeping with match that enthusiasm, you know? A great way to get dates is to be confident in what you think about stuff and not feel like you have to explain, defend or qualify it to everyone you meet. When The Rock called John Cena a Kung Pao Bitch, did you think that was funny?

It’s a nice service if you need it, but I’d hope “we’re both interested in the same lowest common denominator entertainment thing” isn’t a make or break for your relationship.

I, along with the rest of my employees, have been life-long wrestling fans.

This is our main passion and we are quite proud of that!

Which is why, as a wrestling fan, you shouldn't have to settle for a generic dating site filled with singles who may or may not like wrestling.

If you're someone who enjoys watching wrestling or if you're a wrestler yourself, then Wrestling Singles was created just for you!

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Our Q&A is much shorter and to the point and removed are many questions we feel are redundant, petty, and downright too personal that many other sites do. Name a Japanese wrestler who has not appeared on WWE, WCW or TNA TV.

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