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Throughout this article, we'll take a look at an array of services and opportunities for single parents to meet other single parents.Although many of these services are traditionally thought of as existing only for dating purposes -- and that is sometimes the case -- plenty of them operate simply as meeting spots where people can get to know one another and take the relationship in the direction they choose, whether toward friendship or romance.There are certainly a lot of ways to meet at least one of the other estimated 11.6 million other single parents in the United States [source: U. Similar dating and networking services may exist in your local area as well.There are also plenty ways to meet other single parents naturally, whether through joining a club or enrolling in classes.This intertwining has caused some serious social issues that have done nothing but weigh on first generation American Muslims.There is no better example of this than in the case of a single American Muslim mother.They painted a picture of struggle when it came to supporting myself and did not think a woman could handle the stresses of being the head of a household on her own.At first, I was hesitant, letting their opinions float through my thoughts, but I’m glad I did not give in.

I am economically independent and set in my ways when it comes to raising my daughter.

I felt like I lost control of my daughter (and my weight) and was not able to keep us on the healthy routine that I had worked so hard on.

After I moved out, I quickly heard all the opinions of people who thought it was to live on my own.

So, as soon as I was mentally ready to “date,” I let the universe bring me its options, one by one.

Contrary to common belief and stigmas, The suitors came regularly, from all walks of life: younger, older, never married, divorced, with children, without children, etc.

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As a single parent, there are probably a lot of obstacles in your day-to-day life, and trying to meet other single parents who understand your situation might seem impossible.

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