Dating the historical buddha part 2

In addition, Maya's pregnancy was attended by 40,000 devas keeping guard.

She was "transparent," and the child could be seen in her womb.

Their lives are constrained by the same cosmological framework and the liminal stage of their rite of passage is “asceticism.” The final chapter redefines Buddhism as an oppositional relation between householder and renouncer, Buddha and Universal Monarch, mediated by the gift, which produces good merit.

The “Buddhacentric” view of Buddhism continues to shorten the legends of the Buddha into brief outlines.

This paradox is based on the mistaken quest for the historical Buddha and the view of myth as irrational or symbolic. Part I provides texts from the Buddhist scriptures that demonstrate the mythical/cosmological framework of the legends of the Buddha, that geography is cosmography.

Already in the earliest sources the same person is man and god (descending from Brahmaloka) at the same time. "So, how can [anyone] deny that the Buddha is a mythical being?

' accompanied by "32 great wonders," including the trembling of "100,000 sakwalas" ("solar systems") and the roaring of bulls and buffaloes, which surely would have woken up not only the king but also the entire town!

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She rested awhile to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and the songs of the birds, she raised her hand to catch a bough of a tree; it bent of its own will; and without pain, or pollution, Buddha was born.

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