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The employee deletion from the transaction table is performed using the WHERE CURRENT OF clause as shown below.

If your program fails in the middle of a transaction, Oracle detects the error and rolls back the transaction, restoring the database to its former state.In this scenario, the cursor result set can be limited using the traditional When we associate a SELECT statement with more than one table joined together to a cursor with a FOR UPDATE clause, we end up locking all the tables in the FROM clause of the SELECT statement, where we just need to lock a single table for our purpose.The FOR UPDATE OF clause helps us in locking up the intended table rather all available tables.Download Jana Mp4 Videos, Watch Live Online Jana Mp4 Movies, Hot Videos Jana Mp4, Free HD Videos Jana Mp4, Live Streaming Jana Mp4 Videos, Mp4 3Gp Jana Mp4 Free, Fast Download Jana Mp4, New Video Jana Mp4, Hot Girls Latest Jana Mp4 Download....In traditional database programming, you process query results using an internal data structure called a cursor.

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