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”Another way to do it is to tell him what you’re going to do to him, and then ask “What do you want to do to me?” Go back and forth this way, both of you getting more bold with each text. Of course, there’s no point in learning how to sext if you’re not going to follow through.You’ve got to leave a little something to the imagination, as I explain here.

Other good intros include “I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight … I’m not sure I can wait that long.”Sexting, like actual sex, shouldn’t be a one-way street. ” When he responds, you can add another hypothetical to the mix, i.e. ” or “What if I secretly had a fire pole installed the night before?

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Done right, sexting can turn a guy on, build sexual tension between the two of you, and make him eager to reciprocate — both through the phone and in the bedroom. We’ll discuss how to sext and what role it should play in a healthy sex life, and offer a few examples to illustrate each point.

But done wrong, it can seem sleazy, or worse, downright pathetic and gross. When you’re first learning how to sext, it’s crucial to build up slowly.

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