Girl forgets to turn off camera sexy

Candy teases you with multiple views of her cloth diaper and the crinkly plastic pants over top of it.

She gives you a peek under her dress to show off all that soft padding, smiling coyly while she crawls around with her toys, before taking her dress off all together.

Since she's just a Baby, she needs to stay a playpen to be kept out of trouble, but there are plenty of kitty toys to play with, and a big teddy bear for her to pounce on!

Lolette and Bunny are diapering each other but Bunny wants Lolette to try something new. They take turns administering the enemas and diapering each other. She has lot of fun teasing his cock with lots of lotion and baby powder before taping him up.

It makes her feel really horny so she humps his diaper until she cums.

Candy doesn't fuss about having her playtime interrupted though, because Mommy Apple makes diaper-time feel so nice.

It's past baby Oliver's bedtime, and mommies Lolette and Amber help him get ready.

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Baby Abby has been caught being naughty by Lolette, and even though she is in soft bondage she is still being fussy and not taking a nap.

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