My roles and responsibilities of dating

As adults, happiness, emotional safety and self-worth come from how we treat ourselves and others, rather than from how others treat us.

Therefore, if we are abandoning ourselves rather than loving and valuing ourselves, we will feel unhappy and emotionally unsafe, and have low self-worth.

If we then blame our partner for our feelings, we participate in creating an unhealthy relationship.

The main thing that causes relationship problems is emotional self-abandonment, which generally occurs in four ways: ignoring your feelings by staying in your head rather than being present in your body, judging yourself, turning to various addictions to avoid your feelings, and making others responsible for your feelings.

And then, always hope…hope in God and rest in His grace.

In a relationship/25 years old: I think I now have a much more refined and actually fairly simple view of the role of Christian women in dating, and it’s this: The role of a Christian woman in dating is, at it’s core, the same as that of a man: be prayerful, honest, open, and ultimately, be genuinely yourself.

While the bible doesn’t teach a lot about “dating” as we know (and love) it, I do believe that dating should be a preview of that picture of marriage.

The man initiates and pursues her as God turns his heart to do so and the girl responds and affirms his pursuit. One of my favorite things to see is a man of God who is pursuing a woman. She is freed to affirm his masculinity being manifested by his pursuit of her and in turn she is not put in a position to be solely vulnerable or manipulative to get his affections.

Marriage is the greatest blessing when you’re with the right person! Single/27 years old: The bible teaches that marriage is a picture of the gospel.

It is to illustarte the pursuit of Christ to his church and in return her submission to his love and authority.

I started writing the answer to this post and before I could type a word, realized I had no idea what the answer was.

So I polled women I knew and respected of various marital statuses.

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